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Buy LSD Blotters online Louisiana. Jedi flipping is the act of combining psilocybin (magic mushrooms), LSD (acid), and MDMA (ecstasy). 

People are usually interested in Jedi flipping for its capacity to deliver intense psychedelic experiences stronger than they can obtain by taking LSD or psilocybin alone. Buy LSD Blotters online Louisiana

However, combining drugs, whether they’re legal or not, can be dangerous. 

Drug interactions are complicated, and even well-studied medications can have harmful side effects when combined with other drugs. Buy LSD Blotters online Louisiana

Jedi flipping is incredibly risky and can have severe consequences, including death. This article covers Jedi flipping for informational purposes. Readers are expected to do their own research and come to their own independent decisions. Buy LSD Blotters online Louisiana

What Is Jedi Flipping?

Jedi flipping is a slang term for combining shrooms (psilocybin), LSD, and MDMA. 

The term “Jedi” refers to the need for a relative “mastery” of psychedelic experience. This combination combines two powerful but similar tryptamine psychedelics (LSD and psilocybin) with the empathogen and amphetamine stimulant, MDMA (ecstasy).

The jury’s out on what this combination actually does for people. Variables such as the dose, individual metabolic factors, personal experience, and set and setting can all dramatically affect the experience.

Some claim they get the best of all three — the dissolution of ego and mind expansion of psilocybin, with the clarity and vividness of LSD, and the openness and positive attitude of MDMA.

Others suggest the MDMA overpowers the mix for the first 2 or 3 hours before coming down hard — leading to a very uncomfortable experience as the shrooms and LSD remain in full force.

Other common “flipping” techniques include:

  1. Kitty Flipping — Ketamine & MDMA
  2. Sugar Flipping — Cocaine & MDMA
  3. Hippie Flipping — Magic Mushrooms & MDMA
  4. Nexus Flipping — 2C-B & MDMA
  5. Candy Flipping — LSD & MDMA


3,4-Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine, commonly called MDMA, ecstasy, or Molly, is a popular psychoactive drug that boosts users’ senses and empathy. MDMA has become known as a party drug due to how it enhances users’ perceptions of music and lights.

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Most people take MDMA orally, although it is sometimes injected or snorted.

MDMA can be particularly brutal during the comedown phase, often causing pain and depression-like symptoms. It also has several side effects, most notably elevated heart rate, increased body temperature, and excessive sweating.

2. LSD

Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) was discovered in the 1930s by Albert Hoffman. It was used briefly in experimental treatments for psychological disorders before being discarded and deemed illegal in the United States in 1968.

LSD creates intense auditory and visual hallucinations in users, with many people describing its effects as dreamlike and surreal. LSD trips can last anywhere from 12 to 24 hours and are difficult to predict.

LSD also has a difficult comedown period, with tiredness, nausea, and dehydration lasting up to 24 hours after the effects have worn off.

3. Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybin)

Shrooms have a long history tied to spiritual and mystical experiences. Many people who have taken shrooms report feeling enlightened and claim to have a deeper understanding of reality and themselves.

Psilocybin is the active ingredient in magic mushrooms or just shrooms. It is about 100 times less potent than LSD but is a powerful psychedelic nonetheless. Common effects of psilocybin include hallucinations, an altered perception of time, and euphoria.

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Unlike MDMA or LSD, psilocybin is still being researched as an alternative treatment for depression, addiction, and some cancers.

How to Use Psychedelics Responsibly

Psychedelics can be a gateway to a deeper understanding of the world when used responsibly. Many people associate psychedelics with spirituality and open-mindedness, but just as many treat them like party drugs. Having good experiences with psychedelics requires the right perspective, one that usually can’t be found at clubs or music festivals.

The most important factors that determine a trip’s success are set and setting.


Set refers to your mindset before and during the trip. The best way to ensure a positive psychedelic experience is to start with a calm, open mind. People who feel relaxed and at ease are much more likely to have positive experiences than people who are stressed or nervous.

It’s a good idea to take a few minutes to calm your mind before starting your trip. Meditation is helpful for some people, and others have had success with breathing exercises and yoga. Anything that helps you feel centered and relaxed is probably a good option.

A common tip experienced psychedelic users give to beginners is to set your intentions before your trip. Say that you intend to have a positive, enlightening experience out loud or write it down so you can refer to it later.


Where you choose to have your experience is just as important as your mindset. Most people have the best results taking psychedelics at home in an isolated part of their home. The key is to avoid distractions and interruptions so you can focus on enjoying your trip without any external stressors.

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Most people also recommend having some art and music available as a target for your opened mind. Some people find listening to music soothing while they’re on their trip and others prefer absorbing art with their enhanced senses and awareness.

The final ingredient for a positive experience is a trusted, non-tripping friend — otherwise known as a trip sitter. Trip sitters are there to help you if something goes wrong; their mere presence is often enough to put experiencers at ease and help them start the trip on the right foot.

What Does Jedi Flipping Feel Like?

According to online trip reports, Jedi flipping is one of the most intense psychedelic experiences one can have. Many users report feeling overwhelmed, and often trip reports feature intense nausea and vomiting. Psilocybin alone can often cause nausea, so it is likely the culprit in these cases as well.

Some users claim that they feel each drug individually when Jedi flipping, although most also say that the experience is most similar to a strong MDMA trip with some extra visual distortions.

MDMA serves as an overall boost to the effects of the shrooms and LSD. MDMA users say they feel connected to the world when taking it and that their vision and hearing are sharper and more in tune with their surroundings. It has a similar effect when Jedi flipping, making the hallucinations from the shrooms and LSD more intense and increasing the user’s capacity for emotion and introspection.

Why Take MDMA, Psilocybin, & LSD Together?

People who Jedi flip are generally most interested in experiencing everything the world and their minds have to offer. It’s a rare person who finds that LSD is not powerful enough for them and seeks a more intense experience by combining it with shrooms and MDMA. For the most part these drugs are already plenty strong enough on their own.

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Additionally, both MDMA and psilocybin can create euphoria in users, and combining the two enhances the effect considerably. Some argue that combining powerful euphorics like MDMA and shrooms with LSD increases the trip’s chances to go well.

Is Jedi Flipping Safe?

Combining drugs, in general, isn’t safe, but combining MDMA, psilocybin, and LSD is even less so.

All three drugs can potentially cause dehydration, so taking them together effectively triples the risk. What’s more, MDMA users often suffer from increased body temperatures and feel compelled to drink excessive amounts of water. However, drinking too much water can also be a problem, and water intoxication is a common side effect of MDMA.

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Some users also express fears that physical stresses from taking MDMA and psilocybin, like anxiety and nausea respectively, may increase the odds of causing panic and a bad trip. Bad trips often put tremendous stress on a person’s body, which can be dangerous considering the other stresses created by the other drugs.

More tangibly, MDMA and LSD can both cause increased heart rates, and combining the two may increase the risks of cardiac events and heart attacks. They both also cause increased body temperature, which can cause kidney failure and organ damage over long durations.

The bottom line is that Jedi flipping is dangerous and not recommended, even for experienced psychonauts.

How Long Does Jedi Flipping Last?

Jedi flipping lasts longer than an acid trip — somewhere between 6 and 16 hours. All three of these substances are metabolized through similar pathways and will therefore slow down the body’s ability to metabolize and deactivate all three. This leads to a longer trip, and higher risk of side effects.

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One subtlety of Jedi flipping is timing. Since psilocybin, LSD, and MDMA all last for different amounts of time, getting them to peak simultaneously takes some careful planning.

Most people take LSD first since it takes the longest to take effect, followed by psilocybin several hours later, and MDMA last — roughly an hour after taking the shrooms.

What’s the Normal Dose for Jedi Flipping?

Jedi flipping is fairly uncommon and is not recommended, so it doesn’t have a normal dose. 

However, trip reports indicate that most people stick relatively close to the recommended doses for each drug individually:

  • LSD: 50-150 micrograms
  • Magic Mushrooms: 2-5 grams
  • MDMA: 50–15- milligrams

*Note the different measurements — micrograms for LSD, milligrams for MDMA, and grams for magic mushrooms.

It’s wise to avoid this combination, but if you do, take about 50% (or even less) of each drug when using it for the first time. You can always take more, but you can’t take any less.

Wrapping Up: Mixing LSD, Psilocybin, & MDMA

Experienced psychedelic users may be intrigued by the idea of combining LSD, shrooms, and MDMA, sometimes called Jedi flipping. While the curiosity is understandable, ultimately, it isn’t a good idea. Combining any drugs is dangerous, but especially potent ones like LSD, MDMA, and psilocybin.

If you are going to try Jedi flipping, take the time to prepare your set and setting. Calm your mind and set up a safe, comfortable place to have your trip — this could make the difference between a good and bad trip. You should also have a close friend with you in case you need anything during the trip.

Jedi flipping is a significant time investment, with trips lasting anywhere from 12 to 24 hours, depending on your dose. There is no standard Jedi flipping dose, so most users follow the dosing guidelines for taking each drug individually.

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